Welcome to Build The Next Gen

Welcome to Build The Next Gen

The platform dedicated to actively building the new generation of entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurial Journey 

An adventure like no other that began with just a simple idea.

We’ve all been there, minding our business as usual, daydreaming or simply brainstorming on better ways to perform our respective task. And it happens, Lightning hits, your eyes are getting wider, something new has entered your brain.

A new thought on how to improve an existing process or product, a new invention is born. The thought of doing something different in order to achieve a better result has you ready to fire up all cylinders. It truly is a euphoric moment but despite that intense happiness most are quick to forget that from the moment they’ve accepted to pursue the said idea a new mission begins. A quest filled with ups and downs has been unlocked and like any other game only the strongest and wisest characters survive.

This is our journey and our drive is the untapped potential that lays dormant in our own very city : Ottawa.

Welcome to Build The Next Gen, where we are consistently building a community of dedicated individuals, one entrepreneur at a time.

How does this work? 

With Build The Next Gen, you can forget about traditional marketing. Our marketing model and strategy is built to make sure everyone shines and receives adequate exposure and equal promotional time.

What’s next?

For Build The Next Gen the next step is always encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to not be afraid to create, to get out of their comfort zone. Mistakes made early can easily be improved upon and corrected for future ventures.

For you there is no better time than now.

On behalf of Build the next Gen we thank you for joining us on this journey and remember you are up next.