What exactly is an "Entrepreneur" ?

We’ve all heard the word “entrepreneur” before whether we’ve read it on the internet, or heard it in school, meetings, conferences, etc. It often comes back to  the same key ideas :   self-employed, self-determined revenue, schedule flexibility, etc… but what exactly is an "Entrepreneur" ?  

To find out we need to properly define what an entrepreneur is.  A quick google search gives us the following definition:

"An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so"

In other words, an entrepreneur is the initiator—no business exists without a lead contact. The role of that lead contact or entrepreneur starts as a visionary who takes an idea and brings that idea to reality in a variety of ways.  Another key word to mention here is the “reward risk”. An entrepreneur carries most if not all the risk associated with whatever project he/she’s engaged in as the venture of idea to reality is one he/she takes on in its entirety.

Entrepreneurship today vs Entrepreneurship before

Keeping that in mind, things have changed over the years.

Back in the day,  entrepreneurs were limited to the types of resources they could use. Offering a service or selling a product was mainly possible through brick-and-mortar stores. Face-to-face interaction with customers was needed in order to make a profit and grow a business.

 In today’s society this has vastly changed—we live in a world where the possibilities of entrepreneurship are endless.

The internet has opened the door to a plethora of opportunities that have allowed entrepreneurs to accomplish success at a quicker rate due to the reach it provides. So in some respect, being an entrepreneur today is “easier”. The resources we now have at our disposal (free online classes, youtube,  etc.) are more than enough to provide the foundational knowledge to be able to successfully launch a business on your own.

Final Thoughts...

Ultimately, being an entrepreneur is the new dream with flexible lifestyle, creative control, and quick growth but does it mean we are all ready to go out there and launch a business because YouTube said we could?   

For us at Build The Next Gen it’s a resounding yes. We believe everyone can be an entrepreneur but first, you have to take the steps from dreamer to enactor. It's not hard to be an entrepreneur. All you need is passion, ambition and last but not least a start date to begin your journey as an entrepreneur.