Behind every art is a story well-crafted by the author.


That’s the mentality one of Ottawa’s innovative start up is running with. Meet Andy Akangah, the author and main character in this particular story. In Andy’s case it’s not only sharing the story it’s also about touching the soul of every individual that comes in contact with his creations. AKARTS’ is the fruit of his creations.

A longtime fan of anything graphic ie anime, movies and comic books, Andy brings that passion to life either through drawings and sketches that he prints on clothing to be sold. Something he’s been practicing and working on for years. As he keeps mastering his craft he makes sure to include not only himself but his friends as well. Giving them an outlet to express themselves through his artwork.


Currently based in Ottawa, there’s no doubt that expansion is on his mind, sharing the artwork that inspired and made him the man he is today is definitely his current mission and surrounding himself with the innovative friends he has, his determination and work ethic is at an all-time high to accomplish and keep crafting his story.

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