Hunting Season by Zargara

The Story

Babes & Gents is a lifestyle brand created in 2003 by Ottawa native Amir Zargara. It is a movement and a lifestyle that many locals have adopted through the years. Even
though the it focuses on clothing, All the brand lovers are united by Music, Art, and
Fashion. By definition, “a Babe or a Gent, in the brand’s view, is a person who is
passionate, inspired, and warrior-like in everything that he/she does.”
As a mission, the Brand vows to push its fans to follow their dream and give them as
much support as possible.
One of the most honorable part of this Brand is its philanthropic efforts that lies with
the values that it promotes. Indeed, Babes & Gents donates 10% of its profits to
different charities and is working on even bigger charity projects.
Thus, buy buying one of its products, one does not only support a local peer but also
makes an impact in other people’s lives. Considering the world we live in, even the small gesture could be significant in some people lives and we would like to applause Amir for that.
Zargara is the fashion extension of Babes & Gents which focuses on fabrics, cuts and
drawing made by Amir. Since 20XX there has been multiple collections released by
Zargara, and we have since multiple celebrities rocking the Brand. The latest collection
“Season 06: Leave no man behind” has been very successful, but Zargara is planning
another big move this summer. Stay tuned at and show our member some love.

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