Build the Next Gen Inc. is a new company formed by four students from the University of Ottawa. The purpose of the company is to provide support to all students or recent graduates having started their own business. 

 These four students realized that while many people in their circle were starting their own company they were lacking exposure and had trouble marketing their brand. And they decided to help these starts up by creating a platform that would facilitate the promotion of these businesses. 

Build the Next Gen is a platform designed to encourage and assist young entrepreneurs  who start up a business by offering them a platform through  which they can promote their products and make themselves known. 

Our goal is to develop a culture of solidarity within our generation. A platform where everybody wishing to support local and young entrepreneurs, could go and discover local businesses, talent, and news. 

BNG allows startups  to reduce their marketing costs by advertising their products or services on this platform. Moreover, BNG allows its partners to sell their products directly on this platform.


Encourage entrepreneurship in order to build a generation of independent, self-employed, students and graduates. Foster start-ups creation by providing a platform that will promote product and services at minimal cost. 

Develop a culture of solidarity in order to make our generation successful.

You're up next ! 



We help them get exposure through our blog.  We help them sell their products through our shop. We connect them with like-minded individuals and investors.


Our commitment is to provide every single visitor of this platform with an unforgettable experience. We do so by providing entertaining, relevant, and helpful content.

WE organize events

We create relationships and help bridge the gap between entrepreneurs, customers and investors.


How do you help start-ups ?

When a Start-up joins #TheMovement , we showcase their product and services by creating content like interviews, videos etc.  This allows them to benefit from our network and reduce their marketing costs. 

We also help them connect with customers and investors through events that we organize. 

Is there a fee to be listed on Build The Next Gen ? 

There is no subscription fee to be listed on Build The Next Gen.  Being listed on BNG means joining a movement where everybody supports each other, and share the same values. 

Where do your products come from ?

The products listed on our website belong to the Start-up part of the Build The Next Gen movement.  We allow them to sell some of their products on our platform, but we encourage you to visit their website to view all their products

Who is responsible for shipments and after sale services ? 

Whether you purchase it on BNG or on their website, each start-up is responsible for shipping the products to you. 

Who should I contact if I have a complaint  ? 

If you have any feedback or complaint about a product bought on our platform you can contact us at info@buildthenextgen.com 

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